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buy ragdoll kitten

We understand that bringing your new kitten home is very exciting! However, the first few days may be hard for your kitten because they will miss their mama and siblings. The new environment may also scare them and make them nervous. It is important to be patient with your new friend as they make this transition.


We recommend preparing a “safe” room for your kitten. A spare bedroom will work great. If you don’t have a spare room, then your bedroom will work. It is important for the safe room to have a door that you can close to keep traffic and noise out. The safe room will give your kitten a sense of security and safety while they are adapting to their new home and getting used to the new family, other pets and unfamiliar scents. Safe rooms also help prevent the kitten from hiding at first. Each kitten is different. Some will only need their safe room for a few days and others may need up to a week. Just follow the kittens lead and be patient.


Make sure the kitten has a bed, food, fresh water, litter box, scratching post and toys in their room. Litter box needs to be kept further away from the food/water to prevent contamination. Put the litter box in a visible and easily accessible area. Once the kitten is using the litter box-it is time to start introducing them to the rest of the house and other pets (if you have any). Start by leaving the door a crack open and let your kitten venture out on their own. Never rush or force the process. Allow the kitten to explore at their own pace. Your kitten will be following you around the house in no time. Get prepared to have a sweet little shadow!!!

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